Wednesday 20th February 2019

Pipeline Bing Ads to Google Analytics pipeline incident — cost data import is back to work; providing new Bing account accesses is temporarily unavailable

Today, February 20, Bing Ads → Google Analytics pipelines have become generally unable to export cost data. Additionally connecting Bing Ads accounts to create new pipelines is unavailable as well. We have investigated the issue and discovered that this is an unexpected result of the changes happened in the Bing Ads API. Our engineering team is currently working on fixing the issue. We will provide an update on the situation tomorrow, February 21, at 12:00 UTC.

February 21, at 12:00 UTC — Update: OWOX BI engineering team is currently working on updating OWOX BI Pipeline to meet the changes in Bing Ads API. We will provide the update on the progress tomorrow, February 22, at 14:00 UTC. All cost data for the period of the pipeline outage will be imported to your Google Analytics property as soon as the pipeline will be back to work.

February 22, at 10:00 UTC — Update: We have resolved the cost data import outage issue. Now your Bing Ads cost data is being imported to Google Analytics as intended. The missing cost data for previous days is being imported as well. However, creating pipelines by adding new Bing Ads account accesses is still temporarily not operational. Still, you can create new pipelines using the accesses you have already provided to OWOX BI. Currently, we are working on fixing the adding new accesses issue. After we fix it, the Bing Ads → Google Analytics will regain its full functionality. We'll provide the update on the progress Monday, February 25, or earlier, if we resolve the issue before that date.

February 22, at 10:30 UTC — Update: All issues fixed. Bing Ads → Google Analytics pipelines are fully operational: cost data import is active; new pipelines can be created for all Bing Ads accounts.