Tuesday 12th October 2021

Advertising services → Google Analytics / Google BigQuery pipelines incident

We are currently investigating an issue with an underlying component that affects OWOX BI Pipeline for Cost Data availability. Imports may fail intermittently for a small number of pipelines from any ad service sources. Please, wait while we continue to investigate this issue. For affected Pipeline users, imports for your pipelines will be automatically restarted after the underlying issue is being addressed.

Work is ongoing to address the issue by the underlying component's engineering team. We will provide our next update at 15:30 UTC.

UPDATE: 12/Oct/2021 15:30 AM (UTC): OWOX BI has already started to upload the data.
All data would be available in reports after processing. No actions are required.

We will provide our next update tomorrow at 11:00 UTC.

UPDATE: 13/Oct/2021 07:10 AM (UTC): The issue has been already resolved. The cost data is loaded in Google Analytics / Google BigQuery.